Shenzhen confirms 1 more imported COVID-19 case with total cases in the city rising to 441

发布机构:发布日期:2020-03-25 11:24:00

Shenzhen confirmed 1 new imported COVID-19 case on Mar. 24, adding the number of imported cases in the city to 24, according to the latest figures released by the Health Commission of Shenzhen Municipality today.

Case 24, a 31-year-old male of Brazilian nationality working in Shenzhen, returned to China from the United Kingdom. He flew from London to Singapore on flight SQ305 on Mar. 21, then boarded flight CZ3040 to Guangzhou on Mar. 22. On the evening of the same day, he entered the Chinese mainland via Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, and his body temperature upon entry was 36.6℃. On the early morning of Mar. 23, he was sent back to Shenzhen by a designated vehicle for collectiveequarantine. Preliminary nucleic acid test results and reviewed results released on Mar. 24 were both positive.

The patient has been transferred to Shenzhen No. 3 People’s Hospital for treatment. The 32 persons on the Chinese mainland who have been traced to have had close contact with the patient have been quarantined for medical observation.

As of Mar. 24, Shenzhen has confirmed a total of 441 COVID-19 cases. Of the confirmed cases, 214 are male and 227 are female.

So far, 414 have been discharged from hospital, and 3 deaths have been reported.

All 24 patients are being treated at Shenzhen No. 3 People's Hospital. 243 persons in close contact with the patients are under medical observation.